Easy Graduation Crafts for Gifts & More

I love making personalized gifts for every occasion and graduation gift-giving is no different. Check out the end of the post for a list of free graduation SVGs to help you find a cute idea.

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Easy Graduation Crafts for Gifts

So many ideas here to help you create some DIY gifts besides just a graduation card with money. I know you’ll find a great idea to DIY graduation gift ideas with this free SVG list. To start, let me show you how to easily personalize a graduation frame.

Easy Graduation Crafts for Gifts

Disclosure: Some links on this page are affiliate links – meaning if you click through and make a purchase I may receive a commission at no additional cost to you. For more information, read our full affiliate disclosure here.

I’m sure you’ll find graduation crafts for gifts for kindergarten graduation ideas to college graduates for your special graduate.

I think high school graduation gift ideas are the hardest — to decide which one!

So many ideas. This post, and the free graduation SVGs at the end will help you find ideas for graduation crafts like:

  • Graduation party decor
  • Clever ways to gift dollar bills
  • Make a graphic Tee for your new graduate
  • Special Cards with school colors
  • Fun gifts for college kids
  • Use adhesive vinyl and add it to a Mason jar for table decor
  • Use the SVGs below to decorate:
    • Helium balloons at the grad party
    • Graduation gift box
    • Decorate goodie bags
    • Use the SVGs as a free printable tag for a gift bag

However you decide to use this list, the SVGs are sure to make easy DIY graduation gifts. And if your loved one is this year’s graduate, usually you need lots of cards and gifts for all the kids you’ve watched grow up the last 12 years with your child.

So grab our Cricut and the graduation SVGs below, and let’s get creating!

SVG Club

Graduation Crafts for Gifts – Personalize Frame

This is an easy one to create. If you want to give money, it’s a fun add-on for that gift. The idea is really simple, and you can even use some scrap vinyl for this graduation craft.

Looking for more Free SVG Bundles?

I love to Inspire You To Create and regularly bring you free SVG collages like this post. We have free so many themes: Free camping SVGs, Free Doormat SVGS, Free Inspiring Quotes SVGs, St. Patrick’s Day SVGs, and Free Coffee SVG themes.

To view the list of blog posts that have free SVG collections you can use with your Cricut or Silhouette, click HERE.
Peace Love Free Coffee SVG
Free Mom Life SVGs too!

Graduation Picture Frame Gift – Supplies

  • Any frame with glass or plastic cover.
  • Senior 2022 Free Graduation SVG
  • Vinyl in 2 colors (or more)
  • Cricut and mats
  • Embellishments (like flowers, ribbon)
  • Hot Glue Gun to add accents

You will also need a picture of your graduate to add to the frame. Or for a unique way to give the grad the gift of money.

Free World's Okayest Dad SVG
It's been fun, glad to be done

Simply add the money, gift card, or check behind the glass instead of a picture. They can take that out and add their favorite grad picture. Adding the Free Graduation SVG with the Senior 2022 is a great gift idea with a personal touch.

Easy Graduation Crafts for Gifts
Keep reading to find the Free Graduation SVG list!

So many unique ideas to celebrate graduation day with your loved one. Grad gift ideas you can make are the best! Use these examples to inspire your next creative idea.

Begin by cutting your vinyl. I wouldn’t mirror this and add to the outside of the glass.

But either way is acceptable. Be sure to check your vinyl, some are a different color on the back, so if you mirror your vinyl, this might not end how you had hoped.

Cricut and Romeo Siser

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Easy Graduation Craft for the perfect gift

Easy Graduation Crafts for Gifts

Toss it (gently) into a cute gift bag and stuff in some tissue paper to finish this fun graduation gift in just minutes. The hardest part is picking the vinyl colors!

Add the vinyl to the glass and insert a grad photo. So Simple. (I can’t even drag out the steps for this one to keep you playing on my blog! haha)

Easy Graduation Crafts for Gifts

Easy graduation gifts are a fun way to help celebrate this graduation season.

Suppose you are a mom and about to be an empty nester parent, no worries. It’s not as bad as they tell us. It’s so fun to see them grow and become the amazing adults we trained them to be all these years.

Easy Homemade Graduation Gift Ideas

The SVGs in the examples below make the best gifts for best friends to exchange, or for that unique t-shirt idea for mom to wear to the grad party, or the perfect SVG to accent her wine glass as we celebrate the important moments of this day.

Easy Graduation Crafts for Gifts

SVGs for Graduation Crafts for Gifts

Each month my creative friends and I create a list of unique creative ways to get you inspired. This month we made a ton of graduation SVGs you can use to celebrate this massive milestone in your loved ones’ life.

  1. Senior (year) from We Can Make That!
  2. The Tassel Was Worth The Hassle from That’s What Che Said
  3. You Did It Graduation Cake Topper from Hello Creative Family
  4. Senior Cut Out Design from The Girl Creative
  5. Forget the grad, Mom Survived from Life Sew Savory
  6. Pairs Well With Graduation from Homemade Heather
  7. Grad from Try it – Like it – Create it
  8. Grad Squad from Everyday Party Magazine
  9. On To My Next Adventure from Kara Creates
  10. I’m So Done from Artsy-Fartsy Mama
  11. Nailed It from Liz in Call
  12. Shoot for the Moon from Weekend Craft

My kids are both in college already, as I write this. I started a t-shirt quilt for them as gifts. Maybe they’ll get them as a wedding present someday! Ha.

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