I’m Just Here for the Candy SVG

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It’s funny cause it’s true. HA! Some days it’s just about the food. Can I get an amen?

This fun SVG series started with the love of the color pallet that is the not-so-pleasant taste of Peeps marshmallow treats each spring. Let’s be real.

Peeps are not just for eating…. LOL

They are often cuter than yummier. But I do cave in and grab one every few Easters, just to make sure I’m not missing anything.

Some times they are just better as decor after you had your yearly taste. Here is my daughter with a centerpiece she made with some peeps candy and fresh flowers.

I'm just here for the Candy SVG
Cricut and Romeo Siser

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Halloween Candy SVG

Next up was the Halloween edition of I’m just here for the candy SVG.

As a kid, the candy at Halloween was the best part. Some might say it was the costumes but you see, I grew up in a SMALL town in North Dakota and usually our costumes were covered by a heavy coat and snow pants.

So, Halloween became all about the candy. And that joy lasted for weeks. Sometimes I remember my mom throwing it out at Christmas or even Easter!

I'm just here for the candy SVG

Where could you use these fun I’m just here for the Candy SVG files?

Who Loves Candy?

Everyone. haha. I’m not a fan of eating the Valentine’s Day candy hearts either but they are adorable!

So adorable I have a couple SVGs with candy hearts as my inspiration.

Here is a card, scrapbook page and yes, the I’m just here for the candy SVG.

Home Decor SVG ideas from We Can Make That!

What Candy is Your Favorite?

I think I’ll design a Christmas-themed one this year. But I am not sure what other candy we all love that would be sure on a shirt.

What is your favorite? I love to hear your ideas too.

We Can Make That!
I'm just here for the candy SVG

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