Easy DIY Ideas for the Holiday Season

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Do you love DIYs? Do you love Easy DIY Ideas for the Holiday Season?

Yeah, me too! But my problem is that when I have time to craft my creative mind has so many ideas I don’t know where to start! 

My friend made this charger to hand on the wall with their last name. So cute!

If this is you, I have an idea to help you get more of them done. Easy DIY ideas for the holiday season are a must when we need a quick gift or if we want some new holiday decor item for ourselves.

Let’s rock the DIYs this Christmas season

Throughout this holiday season, I’m tagging my quick, fun and creative DIY ideas with this hashtag:


So when you have time to create something, search #DIYGIFTWCMT on social media to find my DIYs you can make in no time at all. I must warn you; they will be so cute everyone will want one!

Let the DIYGIFTWCMT fun begin!

My first post for this series was a Buffalo Plaid charger. The fall decor charger I made with my friend for her home is made from a galvanized metal charger from Hobby Lobby. They are so cute and easy to find at so many stores these days.

So many times over the holiday season we need a last-minute gift idea.

Here is a list of some of the items our #DIYGIFTWCMT will be helpful in making gifts for people on your nice list.

  • Teacher Gifts
  • Hostess Gifts
  • Gift exchanges at work or with friends
  • Make to Sell to earn extra holiday cash
  • Keep it for yourself!
SVG Club
Let’s get creating

What do you need help with? What type of DIYs are you looking to make but need a little help with? I’d love to hear from you! Add a comment below, I love hearing the blog readers’ ideas.

#DIYGIFTWCMT idea: State decor or gifts.

These are a few ideas I made with our state. The wall decor was a clearance item from TJMaxx. I painted over the saying and added the state cut out of Faux Leather woodgrain from Critcut®.


The Beer Stein was from the Dollar Tree, and I etched the glass to make it dishwasher safe. Here is a link to my glass etching blog post here at We Can Make That. The steps are easier than you think!

Buffalo Charger #DIYGIFTWCMT
Buffalo Charger Decorated For Christmas

Want to check out the first Easy DIY Ideas for the Holiday Season? #DIYGIFTWCMT

I love to create things (hence my website’s tagline, Inspiring you to Create) so if you are feeling creative or crafty, simply browse the website. Even the SVGs in the shop usually have ideas. Or don’t forget to check out the Gallery pages I have to help inspire you.

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