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Dollar Tree Shamrock DIY

Dollar Store Shamrock Decor Craft

Am I the only one who buys these unfinished crafts only to store them in my craft room for a year or more? Well, this year I’m on a mission to make more crafts from my stash. It gives me such joy to use these things, and once they are done they are so fun to hang up or give away as gifts. This dollar store shamrock decor craft is no different.

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This is a simple decor item and would be fun to make with kids too! Let’s jump in and start creating. Be sure to look for the St. Patrick’s Day SVGs shared throughout.


There are just a few simple items you need. We found this Shamrock at our local Dollar Tree Store.

Steps to Make A Dollar Store Shamrock Decor Craft

Start by painting the shamrock green. (You could leave it as unfinished wood and add green around the edges too). I chose to paint it all green.

(*Need a shamrock but don’t have a wooden one. You can make one out of cardstock or chipboard and paint it green too. Grab a shamrock below.)

After the paint dries, I took some sanding paper and lightly sanded the green to give it a distressed look. Focus on the edges as it looks like this shamrock is made from pallets. When you’re done sanding take a slightly damp paper towel and wipe away the dust from sanding.

Cut the Lucky word from this SVG file. It was tuff to decide between black or white adhesive vinyl. I thought white made the pom poms stand out a bit more. Next let’s get the pom poms on before adding the Lucky word.

This dollar store shamrock decor craft is so easy to make and would make a fun wreath accent too. Here is a Facebook live where we put one together.

For the pom pom strings…

Grab a needle and some bakers twine in the color of your choice – I went with black and white. String them through using a needle and adjust them to space evenly across the shamrock.

Decide where the Lucky word will be and where the pom poms will hang. Then glue the string to the back and add the Lucky vinyl.

Did you see my new Lynn Lilly glue gun? It’s so cute and cordless…. hello! Game changer. It’s made by this creative genius here…

Not a paid ad, just cause this glue gun is the BOMB-dot-COM! Click to read more about the glue gun on Lynn Lilly’s site.

Ok. back to our Shamrock DIY… let’s add the bows. I took 3 strings and made a little bow. Mostly so I could use my super cute glue gun to attach them. ha. But really, I do think the bows are a cute addition.

You can add this Shamrock to a wreath, or simply hang it up in your home or office. I usually change out the decor in my kitchen (see our remodel here) to add some seasonal decor on this nail each month.

Dollar Tree Shamrock DIY
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