Elf on the Shelf idea – Candy Cane Garden

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Use this printable for an Elf on the Shelf idea to set up a 2-night treat for the kids.


  • Candy canes to crush for the ‘seeds’
  • Oatmeal for the ‘dirt’
  • Fertilizer – Brown sugar or Sparkly stuff (glitter or confetti if you want) *If you skip the glitter and use brown sugar, they can eat the oatmeal the next day.
  • Dish for ‘garden’
  • We Can Make That! Printable tags (in this download)


1. Your little Elf will leave out the ingredients, directions and candy canes (to crush) on the first night.

2. The next day the kids follow the directions and mix the dirt, fertilizer and add seeds. (We put the candy canes in a ziplock and crushed them)

That night the elf adds some fun candy canes into the dirt as if they grew. This is a great idea cause it takes up 2 nights and is easy to prep. Our little Elf did this each year, and the kids LOVED it.


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Print these fun Candy Cane Garden tags and use for a 2-night Elf on the Shelf idea.

2 reviews for Elf on the Shelf idea – Candy Cane Garden

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  2. Tiffany Garcia

    Thank you! It was great!

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