Candy Hearts Scrapbook Page SVG Tutorial

This adorable Valentine’s Day Scrapbook page is full of love and cuteness. The Candy Hearts Scrapbook Page SVG is part of our Simply CUTe line: scrapbook pages you make with SVG files that are simply cute and simply cut for pages done in minutes but look like they took you hours!

All together now … Awwwwwwe

Yep, it’s that cute. Candy hearts on a scrapbook page = <3

Introducing Simply CUTe: Valentine’s Day Style

Cutting the Simply CUTe Scrapbook pages are so simple. And cute. It’s a great way to make adorable pages in NO time at all.

P.S. they are included in our SVG Memberships too!

Supplies for Candy Hearts Scrapbook Page SVG

  • 12×12 Paper for the main base. I used white here
  • 12×12 Paper for the back color
  • Colored paper 3.5×3.5″ and larger for the hearts (where you don’t use pics)
  • Cricut® or personal cutter
  • Photos
  • Tape and pop dots
  • Candy Hearts Scrapbook Page SVG

That’s it. So simple and CUTE (wait, I think I said that already).


Use the heart shapes that pop out as a template to cut your pics for the layout. You can also use them on cards and such instead of tossing them. Or make a facing-page layout and accent the page with them.

First, cut your photos to fit the open hearts. I use a tape runner and adhered the pics to the back of the heart template.

I then taped the top edge down on the blue sheet with my tape runner.

I love using tape runners for my scrapbook pages.

Next, I taped the colored hearts down under in the empty spots.

I love to add some dimension to my pages too. This is one way to embellish and they come with the page.

Valentine's Day Scrapbook idea

Watch before cutting

In this video, I show you a cutting trick, and it takes less than 2 seconds!

It will look “strange” when you upload it (Design Space Screenshot below). But believe me, it comes out perfect. In this video above, there’s a little trick to making this cut perfect on a 12×12 sheet.

Valentine's Day Scrapbook idea
Design Space View of the SVG.

What other events can you use the Heart Scrapbook Page for?

This Candy Hearts Scrapbook Page SVG is not just for Valentine’s Day pages.

  • Wedding pages (just delete the candy heart text on the 2 hearts)
  • Engagement Photos
  • Baby love: Newborn pics are ADORABLE in the hearts
  • Prom dresses. When they try on all those cute dresses but only buy the ONE, you can now make a page of the fun of shopping for prom dresses.

I used mine for our Mom Scrapbook with my favorite memories. This one is full of Valentine’s Day Boxes we made over the years. Such fun memories using our creativity with the kids.

One Valentine’s Day we had a snow day and the kids made a snow heart. I can almost hear their laughter!

Our boxes included: Minecraft, Tank and a baby in a bassinet (that one took some creativity from mom!). I plan to write on a couple of the hearts still but here is what the finished layout looks like.

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