Easy Felt Christmas Tree Decor

I think we are all looking for some decor items we can make easily with our Cricuts and stash of supplies, right? This easy to make felt Christmas tree decor idea came from just that – My stash of supplies and needing something tall to put on my mantel. The good thing is you can make these any size you want and form a variety of felts, fabrics, paper or even recycle a flannel or sweater.

I show you how to make these without sewing but if you have a sewing machine they would be so farmhouse or boho -ish to sew them together and stuff them with some pillow stuffing before you add the stick. These easy Felt Christmas Trees

Here is a quick video to give you a close up of the Easy Felt Christmas Tree Decor

Supply list for the Easy Felt Christmas Tree Decor

How to make these Easy Felt Christmas Tree Decor

I used the rotary blade on my Cricut Maker on the tree cuts for the felt. I used paper for my stars and the glitter paper worked well with the regular blade.

I cut the 2 dowels at 13″ and one at 10.5″ long. They were really snug fit so I didn’t need to glue them in the spools.

IDEA: You could paint the dowel and spool if you want to but I liked the unfinished wood look.

Cut out the tree(s) using this SVG.

The hardest part for me is always picking the paper or product to cut. Next, I want to try burlap trees and add a buffalo plaid on the bigger one. So cute, right??

To glue the trees to the dowels I used hot glue. Try to get the dowel almost to the top of the tree so the tree doesn’t sag but also so it doesn’t show.

Add ribbon and greenery if you want to at this time.

Christmas Tree DIY decor

That’s about it. This one is really simple and this pattern can be cut if you don’t have a Cricut too. There’s a PDF in the file you can print, trace and cut from.

Also, this would be fun for a kid project (Girl Scout or Boy Scout, and you could donate them to a nursing home or use for Christmas gifts for mom when done).

Have you started your Christmas DIYs yet? I never feel like there is enough time to get them all done. Probably cause I have so many fun DIY ideas. How about you?

We Can Make That!

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