Learn to Market You & Your Business

Even if you don’t have any marketing experience!

A group for creatives with monthly step-by-actions to learn how to implement marketing into your business even if you don’t have any marketing experience.

I bet you’ve asked yourself these questions:

  • How do I make a marketing plan?
  • What’s going to help me stand out from ALL the others selling similar things?
  • Why does it feel like everyone else is growing faster than me?
  • How do I know what SVG files are OK to use on the items I want to make and sell?

I’ve had all these same thoughts and troubles. Honestly, it stopped me from creating (the fun part of my business) and slowed down success.

But today 22+ years later of doing, and helping others build successful businesses, I have created a group of like-minded ladies to help you get on track.

The difference from others who appear to be more successful is simple: They have a marketing plan and implement it each month.

I invite you to join my group for ladies who want to learn to do their own marketing until they can afford to outsource!

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What’s included in the Monthly Group?

I help you market your business with actionable steps to move you forward.

Now, you can spend more time making the items you sell and increase your income, faster!

A brief overview of what it’s like to be a member.

Here are 3 exclusive features to the paid membership:

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1. Unlimited Free SVG Access!

Members have access to my SVG shop and are granted rights to make and sell items with ANY of my SVG downloads listed.

  • Plus, exclusive SVG designs for group members only. (*Rights are NOT granted to resell SVG digital files or trainings.)

2. Exclusive Step-by-Step Trainings

  • Training/hacks/tips posted 3-times a month in a private Facebook group plus Live VideosIt’s like having your own a private business coach!
  • Exclusive library access for members only (worksheets & video business tutorials) to watch tutorials on your time, when you need them.

3. Swipe Files

Monthly swipe files provided to help you build your social media. Including dates and suggestions to encourage engagement on your page. (Swipe files are graphics and other suggestions of items you can use each month on your social media.

I love the swipe files provided to help me grow my social media!

~Founding member

Group Details

This is a ‘no-brainer’ business expense — Your sales will increase and your business will grow with all the trainings you’ll receive.

The monthly fee is $27 /month or we have a yearly plan.

  • $27/Monthly
  • $270/Yearly*

*Get two months free with our yearly access and a fun bonuses.

Great for those who want to either sell full-time or for just a little cash! You’ll love our group where we walk you through these steps. (Perfect for DIYers and crafters!!)

Why join a membership for marketing?

Imagine if you had someone walk you through how to do your marketing each month. Showing you what to implement and HOW to do it.

Browse the Your Creative Business Blog series. Take your time and scroll through the “Your Creative Business” posts for tips on what to do first.

Not sure the group is right for you? Send me an email or comment here with your questions. I love to chat! Or message me on the We Can Make That! Facebook page.