DIY Pumpkin Tower Fail – Pinterest Fail

DIY Pumpkin Tower Fail Video & Front Door Fall Decor Idea

Have you had this happen? You make, what you think is a great DIY craft project. It’s one that looks JUST like the Pinterest pin.

You walk away thinking, “oh, I’ve totally nailed this one. My yard screams fall,” and I really felt like I rocked this one.

Pumpkin Tower DIY
Fall decor for your front door.

Next, it rains for about 2 days.

That means your wooden dowel soaked it up, along with the pretty mums, so it wasn’t a total waste …..

But, then on day three you pull into your driveway and laugh your butt off! Check out the video for that visual! hahaha

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Now, let me tell you how to make a pretty pumpkin tower.

Pumpkin Towner Supply list:
  • Metal Dowel
  • Plastic Pumpkin Buckets
  • Spray Paint if you want
  • Drill (for holes in buckets)
  • Mums or flowers & Dirt for top bucket

It was so easy to make. Spray paint your buckets. Let dry a day so they don’t stick together. I used the hammered silver look to make them look vintage-like.

Spray Painting Pumpkin buckets
Spray Painting Pumpkin buckets

I drilled offset holes in each bucket, but would do them in the center next time. I had seen those flowerpots people off set then stack with flowers but the tops of these candy buckets aren’t big enough for that concept.

Drilling pumpkin buckets
Drilling pumpkin buckets

That’s it. I stuck the dowel in the dirt where I want them. Next, I added my pumpkins and filled the top one with some flowers.

I had this old blue strainer that is rusting so added some dollar store flowers and a real pumpkin.

Hope you enjoyed the video and I’d love to see what you made! Craft bloopers and all! Post in the comments or on my Facebook page.

DIY Craft Fail
DIY Craft Fail

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  1. I will be trying this, this weekend. I didn’t realize I would a dowel rod, good info. I will send a pic when I’m finished.