Firecracker Scrapbook Page Idea

If you are looking for a fun and easy scrapbook page for your Fourth of July themed pics this is it! We designed this one for a Firecracker Scrapbook Page idea.

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With our Simply CUTE, Simply CUT SVGs you can make scrapbook pages in minutes. This was a super easy scrapbook page to cut and assemble but I’ll walk you through a few tips.

Fourth of July Scrapbook page
Waiting for the pics, but here’s the finished layout.

Firecracker Scrapbook Page Idea Supplies I Used:

  • Firecracker Simply CUTe SVG
  • 5 sheets of card stock. I used these colors:
    • Navy Blue
    • Cornflower Blue
    • Sunflower Yellow
    • Fire Engine Red
    • White
  • Cricut (or Personal cutter)
  • Adhesive and Foam Dots

A few notes for before cutting out your Firecracker Scrapbook Page

This is your view when you upload the SVG file to Design Space from the compressed file.

It looks a little messy but this layout helps it cut out for easy assembly.

Before you hit CUT…

Make these adjustments on the mats. These assure the layout is easier to assemble

  • FIRST: Center the 3 boxes between 4.5-inches so this photo box cuts out centered. I moved the red bar to the far right side to make room. Mine is set on paper saver so it ‘stuffs’ things in one corner if it can but simply grab and drag them to match this setup.
  • TWO: For one of the Cornflower BLUE sheets you can put this box in the upper right corner. You can skip this step too and simply cut a photo to glue in this spot if you want.

Now cut out each color. This goes pretty fast and has all the embellishments you need.

Firecracker Scrapbook Page Idea

Be sure to remove the CELEBRATE words carefully. The thin letters are fragile!

Removing words from mat

Assembly Tips for Simply CUTe Scrapbook pages

I save the windows that are cut out to use in help when it comes time to crop photos. This shows a few more blue windows that I tweaked to be photo backings instead on the final layout. This allowed us to have more dimension in the final design.

Firecracker Scrapbook Page Idea

Firecracker Scrapbook Page Idea

I am loving this layout. Perfect for the fourth of July themed pics or even for a military-themed pics and you can leave off the firecrackers.

Firecracker Scrapbook Page Idea
We Can Make That!


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