Are you joining us at the Craft Business Summit?

Have you heard of the Craft Business Summit? It’s where a large group of creatives get together and enjoy sessions on building up their creative business. I’d like to invite you to attend but first let me tell you a bit about the event…

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A successful creative business doesn’t just happen, we need a plan!

Who will benefit most from the Craft Business Summit?

If you make handmade items, have a creative business, or run a creative business finding customers online, then this summit is designed JUST FOR YOU!

Creative and craft businesses who benefit for attending this year’s event:
Etsy Shop Owner Working on Her Business
  • Etsy Shop Owners
  • SVG Designers
  • Sign Makers
  • Cricut® Users
  • Silhouette® Users
  • Social Media Managers
  • Hobby Farm Owners
  • Artists
  • Photographers
  • Tumbler Makers
  • Custom Shirt Makers
  • Personal Gift Maker
  • Soap Makers
  • Boutique and Shop Owners
  • Earring and Hair Bow Makers
  • Class Instructions (Paint ‘n Take)
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What you’ll learn at the Craft Business Summit:

Learn from these amazing professionals how you can up-level your craft business (or any creative business) to earn the income you want in less time.

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Here are some of the session topics covered at the 2023 event…

  • Learn to run Facebook Ads to EARN MORE MONEY.
  • Create a MARKETING PLAN that reaches (or exceeds) your sales goal!
  • Find a clear plan to succeed long-term with Pinterest.
  • Discover new tools that make your life (& business) easier to manage.
  • Learn 20+ new ways to make money without adding more things to your to-do list each day.

Why a Creative Business Summit?

I believe entrepreneurs are becoming the forefront of online businesses today. Makers are at the top of what people seek (you’ve heard of Etsy, right? HAHA). With that in mind, online businesses need a few basic foundational items in place to assist with sales/growth.

These key foundational elements can be overwhelming or confusing on where to start. These foundational elements are what make up the agenda for this Craft Business Summit.

The agenda are things I know you need, and these experts are sure to deliver some gems!

These are sessions I wish someone had mapped out for me to grow We Can Make That. (In 2016, I saw a pin on Pinterest saying, make money while sleeping, start a blog – so I did!) If this is your goal, I want you to have an easy-to-follow plan. I know you will find so much value as a craft business owner at this online event.

Every creative business needs a support system.

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That’s what you’ll find at the 3rd Annual Craft Business Summit. Sure, your spouse or friends are supportive, but they just “DON’T” get it. (ever have an email funnel conversation with someone not doing business online? It’s painful haha.) Plus, the emotional roller coaster of being an online business owner, the countless things to remember, or a way to offer help when you are stuck are all things friends just don’t ‘get’… But other creative entrepreneurs get it.

Connect With Other Creatives!

Join us for the 3rd annual Craft Business Summit (it’s free and online). You’ll be glad you did and your business will be too!

I, too, need other creatives in my corner. This is not easy to manage alone, so grab your ticket today and find your business BFF. Learn from others who have gone before you, and scale (or start) your craft business faster.

Imagine having someone who understands online creative business entrepreneurship that you could bounce ideas off … It’s a game changer and YOU can find yours at this year’s event!

What are you waiting for? Grab your ticket today!

Be sure to check out blog posts centered around creating a thriving craft business.

About the host

Chelly Crafting with Cricut

Hello, if we haven’t met yet, my name is Chelly Ontis, I’m a crafter, creative, mom, wife, graphic designer, marketing guru, and now, your new BFF. LOL.

I’ve been a creative/crafter for as long as I can remember. I’ve had a graphic designer and marketing studio (hence the SVG designs on the site) since 1996. I also started doing crafts before I was in kindergarten. So, helping small businesses and crafting is my jam – and I’m guessing one of them is yours too. It’s my passion and in my blood. This led me to want to find my tribe, leading me to host a summit for creatives by a creative. This is how the Craft Business Summit came about in 2020!

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