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It’s a crazy time for sure. I’m the sort of girl who is amazing at the awkward laugh at not appropriate times. It’s this thinking that made me happy to participate in this quarantine themed SVGs for us.

The bottom of this posts has many more FREE SVGs to help you find some smiles in this crazy time.

“I use Adobe Illustrator to design my SVG files.” ~Chelly

Stay with me… I have links for all these FREE SVGs!

Quarantine SVG: Quarantined Teacher of the Year – Everyone Graduated

Let’s talk vinyl for a minute. Does anyone have a HUGE stash but can never decide what to put on your shirt?

I’m pretty sure it’s not just me so I’ll continue. LOL

Here is how I store my HTV vinyl (Heat Transfer Vinyl). On the side, I store the scraps in a 13×13″ zip lock bag.

Next to this basket of my rolls of vinyl is also my ImPressed Vinyl envelopes. I love their HTV! It comes in these amazing envelopes and also has a Teflon sheet to help you with applying it. Please the instructions are right on the envelope so you never lose them.

Project idea with a Free Quarantine SVG

Everyone loves a good graphic tee, right? I feel like tees are the uniform of our quarantine. Be sure to check out the list below of other FREE SVGs that are prefect for quarantine time.

Supply List

Check out the other FREE quarantined SVGs listed below with ideas to match!

More Free Quarantine SVGs

Some made me smile, some made me laugh!

Do you have a favorite one?

Don’t forget to pin all the fun SVGs so you can use them later!

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