Free Bathroom Sign SVGs

If you want to change up your bathroom decor, these Free Bathroom Sign SVGs will be perfect for you. Stay until the end for a list of lots of free SVGs too!

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If you’ve been on my site before then you know I do enjoy making decor items. Cards are another favorite too. I’ve been working from home since 1997, so I’m home a LOT. Changing out the decor keeps my environment fresh for me.

Bathrooms are the one room I don’t do much in for decor compared to other rooms in my house. Until today. Did I mention we have a list of 14 other Free Bathroom Sign SVGs too!? You’ll want to keep reading to catch them all.

Cricut and Romeo Siser

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Speaking of bathroom DIYs

A couple of years ago I roped my non-DIYer kid into helping make some floating bathroom shelves. So I guess it could be time for a new sign. Click the before picture to see the finished shelves. They sure were easy to make.

DIY bathroom shelves

Back to our free SVGs … Let’s use a free bathroom sign SVG and decorate a toilet paper basket.

What to use as bathroom decor blanks

  • Begin by finding a basket with a removable liner.
  • Metal or tin basket
  • Unfinished wooden basket
  • Old wooden basket you can paint
  • Make a sign out of Reversed Canvas
  • Wooden sign to add vinyl
  • Or just use the adhesive vinyl and add to your bathroom wall

If you have a basket with a cloth liner, it makes the perfect toilet paper holder for the back of your stool.

Start by removing the liner and making sure it’s made of something that is heat resistant. They usually have tags.

For best results, iron the liner where the vinyl will go. This helps the vinyl stay and assures you don’t press the vinyl onto a wrinkle, that never looks right.

Measure and cut your bathroom sign SVG to press onto the basket liner.

Pretty simple! And it can add a smile to someone’s day.

Nice Butt free svg

Have you tried Heat Press pillows?

When adding your SVG design to material, I love pressing with these heat press pillows.

Do you get frustrated when you use HTV (heat press vinyl) and then a short time later it starts to peel up?

Cricut Easy Press and pressing pads

SAME! I was about to start making shirts and then I found these gems. They are heat resistant and held to press the vinyl when you apply heat. I’ve hardly had the peeling problem I had before. Pair it with the Cricut EasyPress and you are golden!

This combo is perfect for those who don’t have the space or funds for a large heat-press.

14 Free Bathroom Sign SVGs

The 3rd Thursday of the month at We Can Make That is all about Free SVG collabs. That means over a dozen of my creative SVG designing friends and I get together and pick a theme to design around. That gives you a huge list of free SVGs to pick from.

If you have an SVG idea you want us to collaborate on, leave a comment below. We’d love to hear from you.

Free Bathroom Sign SVGs

I’d love to hear which one is your favorite. We love creating these SVG lists and can’t wait to bring you more! Feels like everyone really enjoyed our Free Porch Sign SVG collab a lot!

We Can Make That!


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