Embroidery Hoop DIY to use all year long

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If you love the embroidery hoop wreath look but want to make one that can stay up ALL YEAR, then this is the one. It’s so cute!!

I love a good craft day with my girls. Check out the one my friend Krista made? She added her last name is on the tiles and this one can stay up all year long.

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Assemble Your Embroidery Hoop

1. Align the pattern over the back hoop.

2. Add ribbons now if you want (here is where I added my burlap ribbon).

3. Place the top hoop on over and tighten almost completely tight.

Embroidery Hoop Wreath

4. Tug the fabric and ribbon to align and finish tightening the hoop.

5. Flip over and trim so excess fabric to about 1/2-1” long.M

Embroidery Hoop Wreath
Make sure you glue it flat so it hangs flat on your wall or door.
  • Hot glue the excess fabric to the embroidery hoop. This holds the fabric down so it hangs flat onto your wall.

6. Add floral and accent items — the fun part. Haha

Embroidery Hoop Wreath
She simply tucked the stems behind the ribbon and hot glued them down.

We made a quick trip to Joann’s for accent items. We grabbed these flowers. They were a little bush we cut apart and tucked under the ribbon.

What else do we create together?

We often love to run off to scrapbook retreats together. But a day doing some DIYs is always fun.

We had a fun crafting day and came up with this idea too.

Fall Embroidery Hoop Wreath Here

We usually do some scrapbooking or card making because she sells Close to My Heart. I LOVE this company for paper. So she’s sorta my dealer. haha.

Yes, I’m addicted to paper crafts. But who isn’t??? right?

If you need a good stamp, scrapbooking and card connection, check out her page here!

We Can Make That!

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