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3 Simple Steps to Begin Marketing

If you’re a business owner and you’re looking to scale, this blog post for you. 

I’ve been helping creatives market their businesses for years, and I have three simple steps to get you started. 

I’m going to guess you’re already hesitant. You’re probably saying something like …

  • I have zero marketing experience
  • Marketing cost too much money
  • I don’t know where to start

Well, I have good news, friend. I’m going to share 3 Simple Steps to Begin Marketing, and this info will squish that list of excuses that are holding you back. Let’s begin!

What does marking mean for your creative business?

I’m going to answer that with a simple definition. 

Marketing is how you showcase your brand to your followers (or potential customers), and the brand is the message you want to get across. 

It’s your BRAND that will set you apart from the others doing what you’re doing. 

That definition is the foundation of your simple steps to begin marketing: knowing who you are and what you want to accomplish.

Once you have that mapped out, you can jump in. 

My ebook talks about the foundation of a brand.

Here is a chart from the book that maps out how your social media, logo, colors, fonts, storefront, website, etc all fit into your brand.

3 Simple Steps to Begin Marketing 

I use these steps to plan all my connections with my audience (selling or just letting them into my business). The steps are all built into my planner if you want more organized reminders. 

  1. Pick a topic, theme, event, product you want to market to your audience. [Example: grow my email list by 100 new followers in 3 months]
  2. Determine the goal. [Example: New sign-ups for my email list]
  3. Map out steps in your daily, weekly, monthly schedule. [Examples below of the timeline I use to reach my goal]

It looks so easy when it’s listed like that, right? Let’s go a step further and chunk it out into daily, weekly and monthly steps you can do in real time!

  • Daily: create stories talking about what my email list provides.
  • Weekly: 1. post links to the sign-up form; 2. Go live and talk about the back end of what my business does. 3. Share blog posts with the benefits of my business and share a link to sign-up for my newsletter. 4. Make sure my email program is sending new sign-ups that I promised and other emails to connect with them.
  • Monthly: 1. make sure my site has an email pop up. 2. Network in person or online and connect with my audience and reach out for collaborations to broaden my reach.

Are you feeling overwhelmed with creating your 3 Simple Steps to Begin Marketing?

Here are a few tips to get you off and running. 

  • I challenge you to not wait for your idea to be ‘perfect’ before you begin. 
  • Research what others are doing to foster new ideas for your business. (Please don’t copy them, of course, but seeing other ideas can spark new, fresh ideas for your business.) 
  • Reach out and ask your customers what THEY need help with. This can spark the next viral step in your business!
marketing group

That’s a wrap…

Marketing is my jam. I see how the non-marketing guru can use marketing and branding to grow their business. This is a special service I provide: helping creatives tackle their own marketing.

Some day you’ll grow and be able to hire this out (cause it does take time) but for now, I have a few ways to help you today:

  • Marketing and Branding eBook* walks you through “the what” of these topics and helps you get started.
  • Logo Branding Packages gives your company the branding foundation to begin: Logo, fonts, colors, design and more.
  • Entrepreneur Planner: A Simplified Marketing Planner for Creatives (printable and spiral available)
  • Marketing Group Membership: We walk through a new marketing topic each month and show you how to implement it in your business. (*the ebook is FREE for members along with the SVG library, training library and access to a private group with a one-on-one coaching feel with others looking to learn to market their business.)
We Can Make That!

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