Pet Bed End Table Redo

Pet Bed End Table Redo

For this 80’s end table turned kitten bed, I used the Menard’s Chalk Paint by Dutch Boy. They will tint the paint can to match any color swatch you want [AWESOME SAUCE!]. It goes on fairly well, but not as chalky as my favorite brand, Anne Sloan {but as they say, you get what you pay for I guess}.

Chalk painting makes me happy.

It sounds silly unless you’ve used chalk paint to freshen up a piece of furniture, frame, or glass jar — then you know exactly what I mean by the magic chalk paint possesses.

Cricut and Romeo Siser

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80’s End Table Meets Chalk Paint!

The inside was a nice clean brown, so I left it as is and added a pillow I sewed with some fleece I had on hand. Easy to wash!

From our local Hobby Lobby store, I bought a couple of unfinished wood pieces and painted the same way I painted the end table.

I applied more of the dark wax to these pieces. I nailed them on later since the glue didn’t hold. To our surprise our 3-year-old cat loves it.

We find him sleeping in there all the time.

Pet Bed End Table Redo

Pet Bed End Table Redo

Pet Bed End Table Redo in 4 Steps:

1. PREP: Wipe it down or wash it if needed. Let dry while you remove the handles and hinges.

2. PAINT: I did two coats of paint. The first one doesn’t cover completely, and that’s OK. [Let it dry for a couple of hours in between coats.] The second coat takes less paint, you want to be sure to cover any spots that aren’t even. Make sure it gets a complete coat of paint. Chalk paints will show your brush strokes and texture, which can be pretty. Using the Water Method to a chalk paint can make it smoother.

3. DISTRESS: I lightly sanded this one just enough to let the original brown show through in spots.

4. WAX: I waxed with three teaspoons of Anne Sloan clean wax, mixed with a half teaspoon of the dark. I rubbed on and added a few darker spots. *Waxing is easier if you do it a couple of hours after the paint drys why it’s still completely set. This doesn’t always work for me with a job and two kiddos, I admit at times it can be months later before I get back to them.

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That’s a wrap!

I finished it up this Pet Bed End Table Redo project by nailing on the accents.

Now I need to find something fun to do with the doors I removed…. hmmm.

I HEART Chalk Painted – 80's End Table turned Cat Bed
I HEART Chalk Paint – 80’s End Table Turned Cat Bed!

I’d love to see what you have chalk painted! Post in the comments or on my Facebook page. And don’t forget to Pin this for later so you can find it!

Happy Crafting,

Pet bed from end table
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  1. OMG… I never would’ve thought of doing that, you’re so clever. It’s so beautiful & thanks so much for sharing !!