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free friendsgiving svg

Free Friendsgiving SVGs

In this post, we celebrate Thanksgiving with a list of Free Friendsgiving SVGs. I love this time of year. Feels like everyone is so grateful and the vibe is so calming…. aaaaand this means Santa is coming soon!!

And what better way to spread smiles than with a list of Free Friendsgiving SVGs? Stay tuned, because my creative friends and I have put together a list of free SVGs for you to celebrate with your friends and family.

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What do we do with all these Free Friendsgiving SVGs?

Decorating for the seasons is one of my favorite things to make these days. Unlike a card or scrapbook page. Maybe that’s because I get to display it out in my home and then everyone can enjoy it. Grab a blank canvas and make some cute decor to welcome your friends (and the family if you like them LOL).

free friendsgiving svg

10 Ideas to Use These Free Friendsgiving SVGs:

  1. Make a graphic tee with HTV.
  2. Create a Decor Sign with vinyl and a wooden blank.
  3. Create Invitations for your Friendsgiving event!
  4. Use Adhesive vinyl and add the saying right to your wall. (use the removable vinyl!).
  5. Use Glass Etching cream and make a plate, send some goodies home with your friends!
  6. Print the Free Friendsgiving SVG and make cards to send.
  7. Make gifts to give at Christmas.
  8. Use sublimation and make yourself a cozy hoodie.
  9. Paint a Dollar Tree sign and repurpose it to a fun new decor item
  10. Use HTV on a pillowcase to decor before your friends come over.
Bank for Porch Signs

These are just a few of the blank wooden signs at Hobby Lobby you can use to make some fun fall decor. Some of them are even ‘finish’ on both sides. You could add a rope/ribbon to hang it from and add a Christmas design to the back!

These free Friendsgiving Free SVGs can help you make really quick decor items or adorable graphic tees. Grab our Friends Welcome SVG here.

free friendsgiving svg

16 Free Friendsgiving SVGs


  • October 23, 2021


    I cannot find the link for this file :”Friends Welcome, Family by appointment”

  • October 21, 2021

    Diana Miller

    What a fun sign! And true too. lol

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