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…To Increase Your Social Media Engagement


Welcome to my video series for the Marketing Planner for Entrepreneurs – a planner designed by Small Business Owner for Small Business Owners.

“If you have bought lots of planners over the years and are frustrated they don’t work, that means it wasn’t designed to help you make real progress in your business. The Marketing Planner for Entrepreneurs is designed for just this!”

First, grab your planner here: www.wecanmakethat.me/planner

Each month I’ll post a video and talk through a tip to increase business growth from your planner!

Pick One To Increase Your Social Media Engagement (Video 2 of 12)

We need to be social on social media to grow without paying. The more you do the faster you’ll grow.

Remember social media can be a long game. So pick your day and be consistent for at least 3 months.

Remember to go back and look at your stats. I like to do this about once a month and check on what’s working.

  • What is getting more interaction?
  • What is getting more click-throughs?
  • What is getting more follows?
  • What is encouraging comments?
  • … and do more of those. You can also stop or pull back on some things that are helping.

This is where we make decisions based on facts, not emotions.


Start Today: Pick one day each week to post an engaging post.

Let me know what day is your day for your engaging post in the comments.


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Upgrade Your Videos

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It has a range of colors/tones to pick from and is so easy to set up. The clip on the back attaches to your phone or computer so easily.

And it’s a reasonable price for the upgrade to your videos.

Mini Ring Light

Ring Light for social Media

More marketing tips from Chelly HERE.

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