The CEO Date (Video 1 of 4)

2022 Small Business Planner Tips

Welcome to my video series for the Marketing Planner for Entrepreneurs – a planner designed by a Small Business Owner for Small Business Owners.

If you have bought lots of planners over the years and are frustrated they don’t work, that means it wasn’t designed to help you make real progress in your business. The Marketing Planner for Entrepreneurs is!

~Chelly from We Can Make That

This series is new for 2022 to help you get more of your planner. Creating a marketing plan JUST FOR YOUR BUSINESS can mean the world to growth possibilities. And breaking them into small manageable monthly chunks will help you implement the changes without feeling overwhelmed.

Each month I’ll post a new video and talk through tips and ways to get more growth from your planner!

The CEO Date (Video 1 of 4)

We need a clear goal to know what content to create, why we are showing up on social media, and what topics to blog about. That’s the idea behind the CEO date. Take ownership of your small business and help guide it so it grows into something you are proud of.

– Video 1 of 4 –

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Step one: Pick one day each month to have a CEO date.

Get out of your office/studio. You need to clearly focus and not be tempted to check that email or work on that order.

I usually go to a restaurant, my sunroom, or a coffee shop.

Other places you can go to on your CEO date are:
  • Patio
  • Favorite char by a fireplace
  • Community Workspace (co-working space)
  • Entrepreneur Centers
  • Favorite spot outside (But I often need my laptop and Wifi to search for keywords or trending phrases)
  • Library
  • Co-working Space
  • Or lock yourself in the bathroom away from the kids! HAHA JK… sorta.

Use this time to plan topics and make sure all the checkboxes are in place from the monthly view page in the planner.

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I’m picking the first Thursday of the month.
Comment below and tell me what day your CEO day will be?


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