Asking for the Sale

It’s hard to stay focused daily as we sit down to work. There are so many things on our to-do list and not enough hours in the day, right?

You find yourself on a social media browsing when you be posting, networking, and then leaving. But you are caught in the scroll. Soon a professional says you need and you should be doing ___.

Fill in the blanks here… more followers, a new course, better content, prettier graphics….

Now you feel lost. So you throw up a post that is cute, funny, or fluffy and then you pray for likes.

But, in this strategy did you ASK them what you need them to do? Did you connect with them in a way they know you are inviting them to buy a product or jump onto your email list?

The forgotten sales tactic: Asking for the sale

What if, moving forward, you did your posts like this?

You talk about a problem you solve, a benefit your products have that will make their life easier than you simply ASK for the sale.

What it looks like to Ask Conversationally for the sale

When we do this in a kind way, with a story, or a short note (like, Want to know more?). This invites and helps them. Not just a boring old sales posts. Add this in the copy or graphic of the post…

  • …ASK for the sale.
  • …ASK them to join your email list.
  • …ASK for the YouTube follow.

I share a story on the video on how easy the ASK can be to miss and how it can cost you so much money.

Tip to stay focused on these boring or overwhelming tasks:

Now add these to your weeks in the planner. Use the note section or the goals section.

If this feels overwhelming, just pick once a week to work these ASK posts into your routine.

Open view of the Small Business Planner.
What’s on your schedule where you are

Use your planner to map out your ASK.

  1. Use page one of the planner to focus on a product or ask each month/quarter/year.
  2. Use the notes page opposite the monthly view to brain dump ideas for your ASK.
  3. Work these ideas into your Daily and Weekly schedule.
    • Add the ASK in social media posts
    • When you Email your list and ASK them to do something. (buy a product or just click to look at a product).

Be direct and make sure to work in some small talk too!

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