Personalized Gift Bag Idea

This personalized gift bag idea is so simple and CUTE that it will blow your mind! It’s fun and inexpensive too. Plus, if you stay until the end, I have a list of many other handmade wrapping ideas to share with you.

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Sublimation Markers

Recently, in our free SVG Facebook group and on YouTube, I had a guest come to talk to us about sublimation. I wanted to start but was afraid. All these things were going through my head…

  • Sublimation is too expensive – LIE
  • I don’t have room or a budget for a new printer – LIE
  • It cost hundreds for special ink and fancy paper – LIE
  • I thought I needed a new heat press – LIE

The list went on and on. And boy, was I wrong. I’m glad I got to chat with Andrea from My Very Crafty Life.

She told me about these fantastic sublimation markers you can use on plain old copy paper and press your design on fun things like a coaster or a gift bag.

Sublimation Markers
These are my colors! Love these sublimation markers.

If you want to try sublimation, check out these supplies.

Shop Sublimation Ideas

Sublimation Markers

Marker and paint sublimation options.

See Ideas
Heat Tape & Supplies

Heat tape, pressing pillows, to heat presses.

Things to Press On

What good are cute designs without blanks?

See Ideas

Watch this … Sublimation is so simple!

She mentions her eBook about sublimation on Etsy. See it here (even though the coupon might be expired, it’s still a good deal!).

YouTube video
Cricut and Romeo Siser

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Creating a Personalized Gift Bag

I used the sublimation markers to draw a design and create a gift bag. You can use this for Secret Santa ideas or to gift a treat from that yearly elf!

I didn’t have the right part to add the markers to my Cricut and draw my SVG design. So I ended up drawing something to press.

Andrea’s idea is so simple, and you don’t have to be an artist to make this work. Let me explain.

Quick note … One thing to keep in mind is that your design will be flipped. So if you write some words, they won’t be readable. See how I messed up here?? haha

Sublimation Markers
I didn’t flip this design, so had to toss this in the trash…

Begin by finding a design you like. You can print one of these to size if you don’t want to draw something. Or use your favorite font and type it out in a Word file.

TIP: Place the JPG file from your favorite SVG design into Word, size it to fit your item, and print on copy paper to make a template to trace.

Sublimation Markers
Here I did a test of the marker colors. You can see the tip color and how they looked after I pressed them.

Once your design is printed. you will then use the sublimation markers to color the design on the back of the paper. It’s so strange to be tracing words backward. We do this so that when I pressed it, the design will be readable.

Don’t worry about the ink from your printer. It doesn’t matter when you press.

I used my EasyPress from Cricut and pressed it for 55 seconds at the highest temp (360 degrees) my press would go. You don’t need pressure, it’s a chemical reaction from the heat.

Be sure to add a piece of paper under your sublimation item and on top to protect your surface and press or iron.

Heat press and sublimation

Here I pressed the coaster, there is a scrap piece of paper behind the coaster, on the pressing pillow, and I added one on top to protect my EasyPress.

Personalized Gift Bag Idea

Personalized Gift Bag Idea

I think it came out pretty cute. The bag I got from Andrea is nice for small gifts, and now I can make one for each kid this year. How will you personalize yours??

8 Handmade Gift Wrap Ideas

To continue this gift-wrapping party just before the holidays, my crafty friends and I have put together a list of creative ways you can wrap this year’s gifts. Some are for the Christmas holiday season and some are perfect for birthdays or any occasion.

DIY giftwrap ideas
  1. Beth with Creatively Beth is sharing three ways to create DIY Handmade Wrapping Paper with Tombow Dual Brush Pens.
  2. Learn how to make Free Printable Paper Bows with her exclusive downloadable file from Lindsay at Artsy Fartsy Mama – BRILLIANT!
  3. Laura from Me and INKlings has created the most adorable Felt Gift Card Holder with a pocket for the card AND a pocket for a little surprise as well!
  4. Did you ever wonder How to Wrap Gifts with Fabric instead of paper? Well, Smitha from Smiling Colors has a fun tutorial complete with hand-lettered gift tags!
  5. Justine from Little Dove is sharing How to make an English-style Christmas Cracker your guests will love! Perfect for all your parties this holiday season.
  6. Learn how to make a Crocheted Stocking Gift Card Holder from Erica at 5 Little Monsters. We love that she always includes step-by-step patterns!
  7. Katie the Crafty Blog Stalker, will teach you how to make Personalized Santa Sacks with a Free SVG file! Perfect for all the kiddos on your Christmas List.
  8. Create Personalized Gift Bags this holiday season with a complete step-by-step tutorial from Me at We Can Make That!
Team Creative Crafts Gift Wrap Crafts

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