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[caption id="attachment_2799" align="aligncenter" width="1024"]Christmas Card Scrapbook Ideas Christmas Card Scrapbook Ideas[/caption] I love to design our Christmas Cards each year. I pretend everyone saves them all year long too. (Don't burst my bubble, please!) I'm curious, what do you do with your Christmas cards each year? Recently I saw a post where she hole punched the corner and put them on an "O" ring each year. Then she set them out in a basket for people to enjoy each year. Love that idea for all those pictures we get each year. I wish I would have thought of this 20 years ago. Right now I have a small scrapbook with those sticky-cling-annoying pages. (I bet you know which ones I'm talking about.) It's what scrappers used before scrapbooking was a thing. I might stop updating it once the kids graduate but for now, I feel stuck with keeping it up. I start the year with our card on a single page and cram the rest in on a few pages, trimming and cropping as needed. I'm curious to know what you do. Feel free to comment below.

Announcing another Simply CUTe SVG – 4th of July Fireworks Scrapbook Page

Simply CUTe SVG | Simply CUTE, Simply CUT for quick scrapbook pages you can cut and assemble in just minutes.
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  Check out my new 4th of July Fireworks Scrapbook Page. I'm super excited about this puppy! Ha. Here's a look at the final 4th of July Fireworks Scrapbook Layout all assembled with a couple of photos added. [caption id="attachment_1644" align="alignnone" width="1024"]4th of July Fireworks Scrapbook Page 4th of July Scrapbook page sample[/caption] Who else takes tons of fireworks pictures each July 4th holiday only to leave them in your camera ?? I'm guessing you raised your hand. And this Simply CUTe SVG will be perfect for you too. My Simply CUTe SVGs allows you to create quick and CUTe scrapbook pages in a short time for your scrapbooks. I used my Simply CUTe concept to design this layout. It's an easy design and holds at least nine pictures!

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Elf on the Shelf Scrapbook Page – Simply CUTe SVG

I'm pretty sure that I'm the only one a few years behind in my kids' scrapbooks. Anyone else? .... Just me, huh? What the heck. Anyways.... I finally printed all my "Elf on the Shelf" pictures. Marked the dates and I'm ready to start. Years back I purchased a paper pack set from Close to My Heart. Love their paper and this one was perfect for our Elfie.