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Iron on Tag

Could these new Cricut cutting mats be any stickier?? No. The answer is NO! I'm glad they hold the product so firmly while it cuts, but some days it's frustrating getting the stuff off. Hope this idea helps you remove the Iron-on from your sticky Cricut matt too!

I have to say these turned out adorable! We looked all over for Peanut Butter colored shirts though. We found these two at our local Walmart. It was "Duo Day" at school, and this is Peanut Butter and Jelly Costume idea is so much cuter than any twin day outfit we could think about making. What a great teen Halloween costume idea!!

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After shoveling, again – we just got another 12" of that fluffy white snow again this year – I fired up my Cricut® since you can only watch so much Netflix. Before Christmas, I bought shirts and Cricut brand glitter & black iron-on vinyl to the make the kids gifts. Needless to say, they ended up in the pile of projects until today. So, when you settle down to craft you can hear me say, We Can Make That together...

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Snow Day = Craft Day

These products went on so easy!