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Planner for Content management

PLEASE NOTE: If you ordered a spiral planner, watch your email for tracking from our shipping system. If you bought your planner in person, locally, or grabbed the PRINTABLE planner, you can jump right into planning!

Congrats on taking a key step in organizing your business and removing some overwhelm so you can focus on what matters! This year is going to be your best year yet. Begin with these three steps.

Here is a short “to-do” list to get you going with your planner.

Tips for Success with Your New Planner

  1. Sometimes, those blank pages are a little intimidating. Or maybe you have so many ideas you need help focusing on. Focus on your Puzzle. What does your business need from you?
  2. Page 1 of the planner is an excellent guide with steps and tips to help you create a system that works for you with your planner.
  3. Schedule that CEO Date each and every month.
  4. Be sure to join the Facebook group for support, ideas and inspiration.
  5. Pick One. Pick one thing to master before using all the sections in the planner.
2023 Small Business Planner page 1

Plan Your Marketing For a Year Course – Coming October 2023

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