home office and note about branding checklist

In your creative business …. 

  • You’re creating all the things…
  • Or painting all the things…
  • Or adding vinyl to all the things…
  • Helping clients one-on-one…

But you feel stuck with your business growth. It almost feels messy and overwhelming. You’re busy ALL THE TIME but don’t feel you see the profit to match. Sound familiar. Your business is “OK,” but you want to grow faster. You want to look more professional. You’re ready to step up your game.

How does branding help?

Branding is what people think of when they see your brand. So having good branding can attract the right customer and help you stand out.

It’s time to start adding branding to your creative business! And I have a checklist for creative business just like YOU! Grab your branding checklist today. (Enter your info and the PDF is emailed to you.)

Perfect for the creative business owner wanting to grow their business!

Business Marketing Training and Tools for Creatives

You have your branding checklist, now what?

You have your PDF, and you’re ready to make some changes, but what’s the next step, right? Grab a planner to help you organize your business and join our affordable monthly group. We walk through marketing to help you grow!

Includes monthly Zoom sessions (replays available) to learn one new marketing technique you can apply each month.

We have a few tools in our shop for creative business owners too! Check it out here: