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Easy Marketing For Creatives Businesses

By Chelly Ontis, Branding / Marketing Coach & SVG Designer

Do you wish your business would stand out from everyone else on this crowed internet? << that’s what good marketing does!

Your products and services are things people love and are probably even changing the lives of your customers! I’m guessing you’re searching for more customers to make this a business and not a hobby, right? Does this leave you wondering, “what’s the next step to standing out in the saturated market?”

Lean in friends as I share the secret: Marketing your brand, this is your next step.

Now, don’t make any of these excuses …

  • …You’re too new to start marketing your brand.
  • …You’ve been at this awhile, why start now?
  • …You know nothing about marketing, so you plan to just keep going and hope to get lucky.

TIP: You are never too small, too new, or too established to jump in and use marketing to earn the income you want.

Often I hear “I didn’t know where to start so I did nothing….” Let’s start with a free training to get you unstuck.

How to create a stand-out brand that generates a full-time income even if you’re not a marketing expert.

  1. Learn the secret steps to a brand that creates profit instead of wasting all your time on social media for no return.
  2. How to avoid the mistakes most entrepreneurs make, that keep them from creating profit instantly from their online brand.
  3. How to use your brand to become your biz as the #1 choice in your saturated market, and finally start earning the income you want.

Free Branding Webinar

branding course

Marketing a clear brand is the easiest way to get ahead of your competition. 

And, the good news is, I have a few tools to help small businesses understand and start marketing today! A rebrand and marketing package doesn’t have to cost you hundreds of dollars to promote YOU!

3 ways Chelly can help you marketing your brand today…

Easy Marketing For Creatives Businesses needs a plan. Let me help support you with some trainings or tools to make your job easier!

Organize Your Brand Course With a clear brand in place, you stand-out in your saturated market. 

A Marketing Planner for entrepreneurs to help market their business online or in-person.

Logo Branding Package Every good brand has a logo and branding foundation. Get started today!

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