Plan Your Marketing for a Year Course

Hands-on (online) course • Starting February 1, 2023


Plan Your Marketing for a Year Course Starts Feb 1, 2023.

Imagine what that would feel like to have your marketing done for a year? Think of all the extra income you would make in 2023! Join us for this online course to plan your marketing for a year!

This class is held in Zoom with a Facebook community, and all lessons are available for replay.

6 sessions: 4 Classes held in February on Wednesdays at 6pm CST + Q&A Zoom session Feb 6 & 20. 

This in-person 4-part marketing workshop isn’t a ‘sit-and-listen’ event. This is a hands-on, business-focused event, led by a marketing professional, and is designed to help you plan your business for 2023.

These 4 Sessions Will Change your Business!

Think of the last time you sat down to do some marketing… It was probably stressful or unproductive. These 4 sessions will be focused, remove some overwhelm, and you’ll work with a professional marketing expert to break down what you should be doing and where you should be focusing.

  1. I’ll help you pick a 2023 goal (do you need more followers or do you need to sell more), and we’ll cover the details of the tools provided (My panner and other fun tools).
  2. Learn how to decide what platform(s) to post on and when to post. Plus, what you should be posting to reach your goal.
  3. Content Creation. I’ll show you how to schedule, create eye-catching posts, and find the sweet spot for your social media profiles to reach your goal.
  4. Create the Schedule (your 2023 marketing plan) – detailed marketing plan for 2023.

This event is designed to help you decide what to do, and when to do it — then help you get the work done… WIN, WIN, WIN!

Imagine This…

What if I told you, you could sit down (virtually) to plan your year with a marketing expert with 27 years of experience?

Hi, I’m Chelly Ontis, and each year I help hundreds plan their marketing, and I even created the Marketing Planner for Entrepreneurs to help everyone grow their online business — Even if you have no marketing experience.

Join us from anywhere to spend 6 sessions with hands-on help! You are sure to increase your income and have less overwhelm for 2023!

What type of Marketing will Be Covered?

If you have an online business, you probably already know you need to be on social media, plus so much more. How do you pick? Pinterest, YouTube, and Facebook … Add in finding traffic to your website or Etsy shop (SEO) and don’t forget email marketing… and you are now overwhelmed, right?

Let me help you sort it out and find YOUR plan for 2023.

We’ll cover social media and help you find what’s right for your brand by keeping it simple, breaking down each step you need, and focusing on achieving your goal. Let’s plan your year together!


Planning a year of marketing for your business does not happen overnight. It takes time and a clear system to do it in a way that helps you earn more. Even if you are not a marketing expert, we’ll walk through the steps together, and I’ll explain how they apply to your business.

2023 small Business planners

This isn’t a ‘sit-and-listen’ event. This is a hands-on, business-focused event led by a marketing professional and is designed to help you plan your business for 2023.

Register today — Seating is Limited!

It’s true, it’s not easy to plan the full year, and trying to do that in ONE sitting can be overwhelming and probably impossible… And this might be why you haven’t done it … Until now!

Results to expect from attending this event:

Everyone’s business is in a different place and has their own goals. But I’m confident if you show up and do the work, that you’ll leave the event with your marketing in place and a plan to meet your goal for the best year ever.

It’s proven that having your marketing in place can decrease your overwhelm, give you more free time each month, and even double your current revenue!

For the rest of 2023, you concentrate on your business. The day-to-day stuff you love. The billable stuff and let your marketing plan help you grow!

About This Online Course

 This class is held in Zoom with a Facebook community, and all lessons are available for replay.
6 sessions: 4 Classes held in Feb on Wednesdays at 6pm CST. Q&A Zoom sessions Feb 6 & 20. 


This course is perfect for the planner uses who want to walk through each page and know what to do where.

This course is offered live ONE time per year. (once in person and once online via Zoom). This page is for the online / Zoom version. Once it fills up, you can sign up on the waitlist to learn about the next one or watch the replays.

Support questions are available in the Facebook group for all live, in-person or replay attendees. Bonuses are included for all attendees in the replay portal attendees have access to.

Waitlist (in-person) Form

Some attendees get more out of the session live, but it’s up to you. The replays are available for all sessions.

The printable 2023 Marketing Planner for Entrepreneurs edition is included. Attendees can also choose the spiral version of the planner for shipping costs outside the USA. You are not required to use my Planner, but it makes the foundation we use easier to follow. Also, this will make the course and your life so much better!

Grab your planner today: Spiral or Printable versions.

This course is for our online version (via Zoom and replays available). This marketing training is for anyone finding and connecting with clients via social media and online and not sure how to plan or where to start. (If your industry isn’t listed, reach out, and I’ll let you know if this training is a good fit or not).

  • Photographers
  • Realtors
  • Social Media Managers
  • Boutique Owners
  • Non-Profits / Associations
  • Bloggers
  • Etsy Shop Managers
  • SVG Designers
  • Creative Business Owners, really anyone finding clients online!

If you are a Social Media manager for a business or yourself, this will be so helpful to organizing your posting schedule and more.

And anyone using social media and the internet to find more customers will be so glad they attended.

Much of the workshop time is spent making your marketing plan (pen to paper, or use a doc or your phone for notes — whatever is your jam).

However, if you regularly have things for planning your marketing, feel free to have them available for our Zoom sessions.

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