The Logo Process

Are you ready to have a logo designed for YOUR business but not sure of the process? These are the steps I use and the details of the items you will receive when working with me based on the different logo packages I offer. 

Original Logo Details (Step 1)

How to create an effective logo
“I’ve been creating logos since 1997!” ~Chelly

When I create an original logo, I create mock-ups based off of our conversations about your business. This is step one.

This can range from 2 to 4 ideas, or sometimes more. It depends on the business but averages two to three to start.

Like the photo below shows a few logo options in the process.

We run through what you love and hate about each mock-up. I will create a new logo from these (or we start over).

Some love the first one, and we are done, others take weeks to find one they love.

Either way, we work to get you a logo you LOVE!! and more importantly, it reflects the brand of YOUR business.

Step 2: Creating the files you need to use your amazing new Logo.

Once a logo design is finalized, I create a series of files for you in a variety of formats.

Have a logo designed just for your business to help you grow!

What’s included with my new Logo Branding Package?

Included in your price are these formats:
  • Vector files: (great for printing on a shirt or store signage)
  • PNGs: (great for watermarks and have a transparent background)
  • JPGs: Good for all the things. Haha.
  • Other formats are available if needed (by special request only)
Each of these files has the logo saved in color options:
  • color version
  • black version
  • white (reversed) version
  • Artwork version (if applies to your final design)
  • tagline versions (if applies to your business)


When you’re ready to proceed with my logo process (I know you’ll love your new logo) you can check out here and then we will set a time to talk through a few things. If we have already talked, I will reach if I need more to begin.

That’s it.

Hopefully, I’ve taken some of the scary or unknow elements out of having a logo designed and showed how easy the process will be. And double bonus, I hope you’ve seen how much it can help you grow.

  • Having a logo is the base of a brand’s foundation.
  • Having me create your logo will save you time as you now have a brand in place to grow your business.
  • Having a logo created will make you more money:
    • It will attract more ideal customers
    • It will save you time each day posting
    • It establishes credibility and makes new users more apt to buy from you with a professional look than someone with a professional look.

Let’s create your brand today!

Already have a design?

If you have a design you need made digital, message Chelly a picture of it for a estimate.