Craft Business Summit Sponsor

You’re invited to be part of the 2nd Annual Virtual Craft Business Summit!

A unique, value-packed, hands-on virtual experience for creative business owners.
This live Summit is what today’s creative entrepreneurs need to get to the next level.

The Craft Business Summit brings creative business owners together to strategically grow and scale their businesses with proven leaders.

~Craft Business Summit Motto

2022 Virtual Craft Business Summit Motto

Every creative business owner leaves with a sense of community and a plan for new growth in their business.

Sponsorship Levels

Summit sponsors have the right to first refusal the following year. All sponsorship level purchases are final, no refunds, upgrading levels is an option if the level is available. Check out through our shop.

Craft Business Summit sponsorship
Summit Sponsor levels
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Participants will leave the Craft Business Summit with …

  • New Ideas & Helpful Tools
  • New Connections
  • Education & Inspiration
  • Actionable Steps

All of these will empower craft business owners to take their business to the next level!

Craft Business Summit Event Details

This is a 2-day, interactive, virtual event. Jammed-packed with hands-on sessions for creative business owners. Industry experts will be streamed live in an exclusive Facebook Group.

  • Making replay of sessions easily available.
  • Creating highly-engaged energy before, during, and after the summit
  • Allow sponsors and attendees to connect.

What type of things are our attendees eager to learn about?

  • Best Practices for Better Business
  • New Techniques in Crafting
  • Helpful Tools for Crafting
  • New Systems for Business
  • Crafting Supplies (& Wholesale)
  • Additional Trainings for Business
  • Productivity at Work
  • Business Tools

These are showcased by the sponsors and industry leaders found presenting at our Craft Business Summit.

2022 Sponsor Deadlines To Remember

To be included in the marketing listed above we have created a checklist of deadlines for your convenience. Late sponsors are accepted but the majority of the marketing will not be updated after May 20, 2022.

Sponsors & Speakers:

  • Sponsorship fees/contracts due: May 10, 2022
  • Logo file: PNG or vector due: May 10, 2022
  • Affiliates: Marketing graphics and links emailed to speakers and sponsors to share with their audience: May 20, 2022

Event Dates & Schedule

  • July 24 & 25 Summit
    • Sunday, July 24: Speakers from 1-4pm + recap with Chelly at 7pm (Doorprizes – must be present to win)
    • Monday, July 25: Zoom Networking Coffee Hour (10am CST), Speakers from 1-4pm + Marketing Training with Chelly at 4pm (Doorprizes – must be present to win)
  • June 1-July 14: Ticket Sales Begin + Early Bird with Bonus
  • July 21: Ticket Sales CLOSE
  • June 1 – July 21: Social Media Ads Running

About the host, We Can Make That

We Can Make That! began in 2016 as a hobby and has flourished into a creative space for crafters and business crafters to connect, learn, and find inspiration.

I’d love to share my platform as a place for you to connect with our shared audience and we can change lives, and inspire some creativity while we grow our brand exposure together!

As of today, we have a great audience, mostly made up of females that are mainly USA/Canada based creatives owning a computer, iPad, and a personal cutter or laser machine. They enjoy all things crafty from crafting, jewelry making, Etsy shop ownership, sewing, and pretty much any DIY.

Quick Audience Stats for We Can Make That:
  • Facebook page: 19,750
  • Instagram: 4,360
  • Email list: 12K (48% open rate)
  • Monthly website visitors: 43K
  • Pinterest monthly views: 800K