Free January 27-30, 2025 • Home Decor Crafter’s Summit
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This is the resource page for speakers to find links, dates, and tips to make this experience a success for YOUR brand. If you have any questions about being a part of my summit, DM or email me at hello(@) This page will be updated regularly.

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*NEW this year – PLEASE READ

  • All workshops should create a craft project that can be used as home decor (topic ideas for workshops are listed below).
  • This is a crafters event, NOT a cutting machine event.
    • Cutting Machines: We are opening ONLY 6 spots for workshops featuring cutting machine crafts. These sessions will engage crafters who have cutting machines and inspire those without, by demonstrating alternative methods.
    • Showcasing a project with a cutting machine and also providing steps to complete it without a cutter, is a great way to help all attendees expand their crafting skills.
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Welcome Speakers!

Hello! Use this tabbed section for quick access to Summit details.

The Home Decor Crafter’s Summit is a 4-day online event that will help crafters of all levels find fresh ideas and new skills; inspiring them to create beautiful projects for decorating their homes.

As a presenter, you’ll need to send your information, upload your video, plus the option to add in a giveaway and bonus (optional), and then talk about the event with your audience.

Pricing & Sale Details

VIP Pass: Includes Workshop replay access after the event + VIP bonuses

  • $37 = Fast Action Price (for 20 minutes only)
  • $57 = Early Bird through January 30, 2025
  • $97 = After January 30, 2025

* NOTE *

Flow of registration: Attendees will register for free and then be redirected to the VIP page.

  • This is how you make money, some speakers have earned $2,000 and up (not bad for one workshop)!
  • For ONLY 20 minutes after registration, we offer the VIP upsell at a low price.
  • The VIP ticket is on sale through the event.
  • We re-target the free attendees with emails and sometimes ads for you to get them to upgrade.
1. Presenter Information

Step 1 is a short request for a few basic details like your social media links and a headshot. Basic info is due: October 1, 2024. *Use the Checklist to help plan ahead and get the most out of your involvement.

2. Your Workshop

Once the basic info is uploaded and your topic is approved (so we don’t have duplicates) we’ll send you the link to upload your workshop content (using Content Snare). Presentations are due: November 8, 2024

3. Marketing Files

(Updated Soon) Google Drive Swipe Files Link to grab your marketing files with a schedule for posting. Text and graphics are included. Marketing: 8 am CST on January 8, 2025 through January 27, 2025.

Dates to Remember

Being a speaker, you agree to these event dates and marketing schedule. The success of attendees at this event is a group effort so it’s important to add these to your calendar.

  • Summit Dates (free): January 27-30, 2025 (new videos drop daily at 10am)
  • Basic Info due: October 1, 2024
  • Presentation Due: November 8, 2024
  • Giveaway dates: Jan 8, through Noon CST Jan 31
  • VIP Active dates: November 15, 2024 – April 25, 2025
  • Registration (marketing): 8 am CST on January 8-27

*Times are listed as Central Standard Time:

Speaker Checklist

Screenshot if checklist for HDCS speakers.
Chelly in pink hoodie sitting in sunroom with coffee cup.

Crafting is more than a hobby for most. It’s to help with stress release and find joy in the day, and this event will bring that to attendees!

Hi, I’m Chelly Ontis, with We Can Make That. I’ve been an entrepreneur since 1997, helping businesses grow their events with my marketing skills. I used this experience to host two annual events from my blog, Creativepreneur Summit, and this Crafter’s Summit.

I’m honored you are on this adventure with me! Let me know if you have any questions.

Attendee Goal: Provide crafters of all levels with fresh ideas and new skills; inspiring them to create beautiful projects for decorating their homes.

Goal For My Presenters: To rapidly expand your audience and build your email list while earning significant income as an affiliate. Your time and creative talents are invaluable; this event will ensure more crafters join your community and become loyal customers in the future.

  • Goal to host at least 20,000 attendees – to help YOU build your lists and increase your traffic with only one workshop from you.
  • Help define you as a leader in your crafting niche.
  • Expose your brand to a new audience.
  • Help you earn affiliate sales from the VIP Ticket.

This is truly the best way to collab to grow your list while you earn money for your ONE workshop (with affiliate sales of the VIP upgrade ticket).

How A Summit Works

Here is a Brief rundown of how the Summit will flow…
Logo for home decor online event with lady holding frame.

The Home Decor Crafter’s Summit is a 4-day, online event that will help crafters of all levels find fresh ideas and new skills; inspiring them to create beautiful projects for decorating their homes.

It’s free to watch during January 27-30, featuring a set of new workshops each day. VIP tickets are available for attendees to buy as an upgrade for the replays + bonuses.

Quick Overview of the Summit as a Speaker

Speakers submit a prerecorded workshop video, plus a few other options, to help build your brand with the audience (VIP/Giveaway/Links with videos).
Then, as a group, all the speakers collaborate and share with their audience. This builds a massive event and gets tons of NEW eyes on your socials, website and added to your email list. In my 7+ year blogging career, this truly is the fastest way to grow your LIST!

Facebook Group for Attendees (& Speakers)

While the workshops will all be pre-recorded for attendees, all speakers are asked to spend some time with the attendees in the Facebook Group the day their presentation goes up. This is key to building long-lasting fans by interacting with attendees and answering any questions from your session. (This link to join will be in your second Content Snare request/with the video upload info.)

This Summit’s Facebook group is for attendees to…

  • Hang out with other attendees.
  • Ask us additional questions.
  • Find and share new inspiration from other crafter’s posts.
  • Find access to the free sessions, if they miss the emails.

Sharing / Marketing

Leading up to the Home Decor Crafter’s Summit, we’ll have about a 2+ week promotional time for speakers and affiliates. Feel free to start talking about it sooner and create a wait list on your own mailing list. (Swipe files and details will come – I promise to make it easy to share!)

VIP Ticket

Although it is free to watch during the 4 days, there’s an upgrade called the VIP Ticket to get instant access and keep access. This is on sale during the promotional phase and as the summit is running. We’ll also promote this VIP Ticket at full price for a few days after the free summit is over. All sales linked to your affiliate code will earn you a commission.

That’s a brief overview, let’s dive into the details and what you’ll need to add to your to-do list.

What I need from YOU + Dates

Please make sure you are available to meet our deadlines and available to promote during our marketing timeline (01/8/25-01/27/25). Below is a quick list of your to-do items (also on your speaker checklist).

I know how busy we are, so I aim to make this as simple and organized as possible.

To-do list of important dates (US timezone):

  • Free Summit Date: January 27-30, 2025
  • Basic info Due: October 1, 2025
  • Workshops Uploaded and VIP Ticket contribution dues: November 8, 2024
  • Giveaways are active: January 8, through January 31, 2025 at Noon CDT
  • Promotional period: January 8 (at 8am CST), through January 27 (you can promote longer if you choose, the VIP ticket will then be full price).
    • Before all 30+ speakers begin sharing, I’ll be testing the registration page to a small exclusive audience on January 4-7.
  • Affiliate payouts: Feb 25

1. BASIC INFORMATION (Due October 1, 2024)

First, I’ll EMAIL you a link to share your basic information. We use this to set up our registration page, and Meet the Speakers page. This should take about 10 minutes for you to upload all this information. (LMK if you don’t see the email). This information includes things like:

  • Name
  • Short Bio
  • Social Media + Website links
  • Square Color Headshot (note: we crop into circles on the site)
  • Proposed Session topic
  • Etc.… (I promise it’s easy and quick)

Workshop Details (Videos)

Presentations are to be uploaded by November 8, 2024.

Due to the holidays and allowing my team to have the holidays off, we need a hard deadlines of November 15, 2024.

Topic Guidelines For Your Workshop

Each speaker should create some sort of craft where the end product can be used as home decor. Below are a few ideas. You are welcome to go outside of this list as well. And you can for sure add to the topic with painting, hand lettering, simple wood working, etc., to make your presentation stand out.

PLEASE NOTE this on your title submission so we can a variety of projects.

Limited to 6 sessions that use a cutting machine (it’s best to show instructions with and without a cutting machine).

These are just ideas – get creative! (Topics crossed off are taken):

Your Workshop topic should align with our event mission: Provide crafters of all levels with fresh ideas and new skills; inspiring them to create beautiful projects for decorating their homes.

  1. Wreaths (ribbon)
  2. Macrame home decor
  3. Doorhangers
  4. Signs (specify: hand letter, painted, stencil, etc)
  5. Wreath with non-traditional items (like wine corks, for example)
  6. Kid room decor
  7. Bow Making Tutorials
  8. Floral Wreaths/Vase decor
  9. Paper Flower decor
  10. Recycle something (paint thrift store finds)
  11. Kitchen decor ideas
  12. Coasters
  13. Laundry Room decor
  14. Get Crafty with a Lamps/Lampshades
  15. Candle Making
  16. Banner Decor (like for a mantle)
  17. Simple Wood Craft
  18. Bathroom decor ideas
  19. Curtain / Window ideas (No-sew curtains ideas only please)
  20. Porch signs or porch-themed decor ideas
  21. Tiered tray decor
  22. Plant decor ideas
  23. Bedroom decor ideas
  24. Limited to 6 sessions for cutting machines like: Cricut, Juliet/Romeo Siser, Silhouette and Brother. If possible and if it fits your brand, included ways to create the project without a cutter (example print the PDF and hand cut, or find similar wooden die cuts at craft stores to recreate a very similar project).

Recording Tips for Presentations

The sessions for summits are generally more friendly and casual than perfectly structured videos – but if that’s your jam, go for it! We want our attendees to learn something valuable while having fun, so keep that in mind with whatever format you pick.

These are NOT sales videos for your offers. This video should showcases you in your zone of genius. It will create true fans.

Length is usually 20 or 40 minutes for making a craft. Most videos are in 25 minute range, with a 3-minute pitch at the END. At the beginning, feel free to say, “Stay until the end for freebie and special offer” so they don’t miss your offer.

  • If you need to do some painting, or prepping, off camera, or speed up sections, this is best. Attendees are watching 7-9 videos a day so keep it tight without leaving out key instructions. (example, paint 1-2 strokes of a vase, then skip ahead to the vase fully painted and dried).

Please structure your content so attendees can feel like they’ve learned something. Videos should not be in a salesy-format where they feel like they’re missing something and need to buy from you to get value from your topic.

If you are new to summits, you might want a little more guidance when filming:

Here are some presentation format ideas for you use:

  • Presentation Slides
  • Just your smiling face or your hands creating (no slides)
  • A mixture of the two

Suggested production timeline:

  1. A quick introduction and welcome to Home Decor Crafter’s Summit [1 minute]
  2. An overview of your topic (usually just a sentence or two max) [10-60 seconds]
  3. Teaching Section [10-25 minute range]
  4. Optional: End with a questions for attendees to answer in the FB group throughout to boost engagement with your brand, and get people talking about your tutorial (to get more views) [1-3 minutes]. You can also invite them to share their finished project and tag you or your brand.
  5. Up to a 3-minute pitch can include a free offer and something you have for sale. (Both URLs will be linked below your video).

Tip: End by talking about what you have coming up on your blog or social media to give them a reason to hurry over. (Example to say… “In February, I’ll be sharing my favorite craft supplies organizing tips,” … or “join me on my Instagram, I do weekly reels with crafting tips. Don’t forget to follow me!”)

VIP Ticket – Optional

Have your VIP active November 15 for testing, and attendees need access through April 27, 2024. Your code is listed in Content Snare when adding your workshop video information.

VIP Information

Portal example for Thrivecart

The VIP Ticket is your key financial growth and success for speakers. What do I mean by that? this is how you can make a ton of money for sharing (with your special link/ affiliate code) about the event. To begin, each speaker and sponsor is invited to provide one resource valued over $20 to this section, this will make the VIP Ticket even more valuable when they are interested in the replays.

How the VIP Helps Speakers:

  • You host your VIP Bonus on your website so anyone who grabs YOUR VIP bonus, goes right into your funnels and on your email list.
  • Earns you a higher commission on your affiliate sales!
  • Make it simple to access! List it with a special page to opt in or use something already in place and apply the coupon code (the special event code is in your Content Snare portal). They enter this into your website so you can re-target them with other offers. You can see how this is a HUGE traffic source.
  • Often sites can embed the free code in the URL we share, making it a no-brainer for attendees to sign up with you!

A few tips and details about the VIP offers:

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is 2023-VIP-Bonus-example-.jpg
  • Please be sure to design clear, SIMPLE graphics so attendees are compelled to click. There’s no need to include all the details (title, description, your business name, value/price, etc), as those are listed with each bonus. Sample of bonuses collage shown, you want something that stands out, too much text lost.
  • Grow your email list: While adding a VIP isn’t required, it’s highly encouraged that you participate to get the most out of being a speaker to grow your email list of crafters from the summit.
  • Earn Higher Commission: Another benefit of the VIP Ticket is that any presenter who contributes bonus resource (AKA, not something you’re giving away for free to everyone else) will get a 50% affiliate commission on VIP sales rather than the standard 40% rate.
  • Your bonus item will be displayed in its on listing on the VIP upsell page and each bonus will have its own lesson page (webpage) in Thrivecart Learn (this is where the VIP replays are accessed).

With the VIP Ticket, attendees will receive:

  • Instant Access to all the Sessions.
  • Bonus Resources in the Replay Portal.
  • Lifetime Access to the replays (3 months for the bonus access).

Some examples of past VIP items ($20 or more value):

It’s your choice if you’d like to create something new or provide something you already have that is sold for over $20. Note: The VIP tickets generally convert so well that you don’t want to contribute a 1:1 service/offer.

  • eBooks for crafters
  • Workshop replays or upcoming event passes for crafters
  • Courses (big or small) for crafters with cutting or laser machines
  • 1-3 month memberships (that support crafters)
  • Digital files bundles (SVGs or other crafting files)

Giveaway Hosting – Optional

Have your giveaway open January 8, through Friday January 31 at Noon CST.

*I’ll be live January 31 at 2pm so any posted before that will get a shout out. Otherwise please have the winner posted by end of the day on Feb 3rd.

Hosting a giveaway is optional but I find it’s key in collecting emails and finding new customers as a speaker in events like this.

Your giveaway can be as simple as a email sign up (tag them so you can randomly choose a winner); or use an app to gain new social media followers while collecting emails.

giveaway details and Hosting Tips…

  • Manage the collection on your giveaway with email collecting by tagging them. Choose a random winner.
  • Or use a third party app like Sweepwidget* to collect and have them follow you. You can even do daily entries for more engagement items, I have been using it and find it very helpful in growing my following. (*affiliate)
  • See how your giveaways will be displayed for attendee (previous example page) 2024 SVG Crafter’s Summit Giveaway page here. When live, there is a button on each listing leading attendees to your giveaway signup.

How To Announce Your Winner:

  • Giveaways close at on January 31 at Noon Central Time Zone.
  • Please comment on this designated Facebook post HERE who won your prize. You can also mention how you will contact them to claim their prize.
  • Have the winner posted by end of the day on Feb 3rd.
    • *I’ll be live on January 31 at 2pm Central Time, if your winner is posted I’ll give you a shout out on the live.

Marketing + Sharing Required

This is how all your work as a speaker comes together. The power of an online summit comes from collaborating with a group of experts on the same mission. The joint promotion that happens because of this greatly benefits everyone involved.

While summits are great for overall exposure for your brand, and they always help you make new connections — and earning extra income is exciting too.

  • Because of the summit’s concept, everyone is asked to share on their social media and to their full email lists at least twice (each) during the promotional period: January 8 (at 8am CST), through January 27, you can promote longer if you choose, the VIP ticket will then be full price.
  • You’ll want to share using your affiliate link (you’ll see the link on the workshop upload form) – you can get in on the 40% commission that will come from any VIP Ticket sales (earn 50% if you’ve contributed a VIP bonus).
  • You’ll find swipe copy and graphics in your Speaker Marketing Vault (Coming Soon), only event logos are in here now (use them to build up the waitlist if you want).
  • Watch for up to date details in the Presenter’s Facebook Page group.
  • We Can Make That will send out marketing to her audience starting January 4-7. This ensures the funnel is working correctly, and that any changes are made to the sales page to help you all get higher conversions.
  • Ads will also be running for new and VIP upsells. You are welcome to run your own ads or boosts as well if you choose.

Affiliate Details

You’ll be provided swipe copy (text) for email and social media, plus graphics to save you time for your promotions. I’ll create a suggested marketing schedule to make promoting the event easy for you (or your VA).

Each presenter is asked to send 2 emails and do at least 2 social media posts. The more you talk about it, the more successful it will be for your brand.

When using your affiliate link in your marketing, you’ll receive a commission from the sales your traffic brings in. Payouts for the event will happen 30 days after the final free day of the event.

*As with all affiliate promotions, be sure to disclose that you’re an affiliate when sharing with your audience.

The commission structure is as follows:

  • 30% for non-speakers
  • 40% for all affiliate speakers
  • 50% for all affiliate speakers who include a VIP Ticket bonus 

The pricing structure is as follows:

Your affiliate link will send them to the free event registration, they will be redirected to a VIP offer in the following sequence, all connected to a 14-day cookie. (After they register for free they have 20 mins to grab the best price.)

  • $37 VIP Ticket – 20 min Fast Acting Timer (Dec 29-Jan 13)
  • $47 VIP Ticket – Early Bird Price (Dec 29-Jan 13)
  • $97 VIP Ticket – January 14-19 (no fast action discount) Full Price

Marketing Files + Schedule

A set of swipe files (text & graphics) and a schedule will be provided to make marketing and sharing easy.

  • Create Your Affiliate Link Here (Coming Soon)
  • Marketing Folder Here (Coming Soon): Swipe copy + Graphics for sharing

To make it as easy as possible for you to generate extra income, the marketing files a Google Drive include things like a schedule and matching email swipe copy, social media copy, and social share graphics. However, you’re more than welcome to write your own copy and even run your own Facebook or Instagram ads. Just remember to use YOUR affiliate link to earn commissions.

  • Simply click the download button when you hear from Chelly the items are ready.
  • There will be a set of graphics and text (swipe files) to go with each time frame on the schedule.
  • Swipe files are available early to give you time to schedule items. But don’t forget to talk about it Live and in your stories!
  • ALWAYS test your links! Use the original link in Thrivecart, not that one that displays after clicking your link.
  • The marketing items will be available after your videos are uploaded. This is why our deadline is November 8 for a January event.
  • Watch for details in the speakers’ Facebook group.

If you still have a question, email me at hello(@) Watch for details in the Presenter’s Facebook group. Thank you so much for being a part of the Crafter’s Summit. ~Chelly

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