I love glitter iron-on vinyl

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After shoveling, again – we just got another 12-inches of that fluffy white snow again this year, I decided it was time to fire up my Cricut® since you can only watch so much Netflix in one season.

Before Christmas, I bought shirts and Cricut brand glitter & black iron-on vinyl to make the kids some gifts. Needless to say, they ended up in my pile of craft projects until today.

So, when you settle down to craft you can hear me say, We Can Make That together…

Snow Day = Craft Day

This glitter vinyl material went on so easily!

The weeding is what took the longest.

I think the iron-on vinyl was harder to weed since the lines hid in between all that glitter. {But it’s ok, I think we can all agree that glitter is worth the extra effort}.

I used my extra desk light and it helped, the iron-on black vinyl was easier.

I did set the glitter on one notch deeper for the cut settings. Be sure to begin weeding in a corner and it helps it start.

I followed the steps for ironing here on Cricut’s Shop.

Crafting Tutorials and FREE SVG cutting files
This is my first studio/office as a single mom. I made myself a cozy space to work, play and unwind!

To sum up the steps without lots of reading for you …
Lay the shirt on an iron board, and iron out any wrinkles.
2. While the shirt is still warm, lay the image in place.
3. Begin ironing with firm medium pressure (I ironed mine directly on the backing it came on) for about 30 seconds.
4. When cool to the touch, gently lift the clear vinyl backing page.

Here’s what else I made today!

Check out the slides above for the finished products.

“BASS … Like a guitar only more LIT!”

My son plays the upright double bass. Not very common so I thought he’d like a shirt.

I found a saying online and upgraded it with “LIT” instead of  “COOL” [cause I’m still only cool, but I’m trying].

Easy breezy! I LOVE GLITTER!

My daughter’s shirt design was the name of her dance team.

It’s the same as my shirt colors – teal and gold glitter vinyl. The little flecks of glitter came right off with a lint roller.

First I drink the coffee then I can create the stuff.

For my shirt, I decided to do one with a couple of my favorite things: coffee & creating [and not necessarily in that order]

Let’s Create

The design from my shirt is available on my Free SVG page so you can download them if you want to make yourself one!

Happy Crafting,

We Can Make That!


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