Free SVGs For My Creative Friends!

If you love to craft, I imagine we could be friends in real life. We probably would pin the same things and would have the best time on a crafting day! With that in mind, I made us a fun Pinterest-themed SVG. Go ahead, make a shirt today!

Been there pinned that SVG

Thanks for checking us out!

Here are a few fun things we offer at We Can Make That!

Crafter’s Fun:

If you love to use SVGs or enjoy DIYs, you will LOVE what we have to offer for the crafting world!

Creative Businesses

If you are a blogger, Etsy store owner, SVG maker, entrepreneur, or an online shop owner – we have some great tools to help you with your marketing:

  • Planner for creatives running a business (comes with free tutorials for the planner to make it best year yet!)
  • Need marketing and branding help? Check out my eBook for creatives wanting to know the basics.
  • Find creative business help at our Craft Business Summit event.


Been There Pinned That SVG7


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DIYs and designing SVG files are my passion. I feel so blessed to get to do what I love on this site for work. If you are a crafter or a craft business owner, I invite to look around and have fun! Read more…

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