We Can Make That Affiliate Program

CLOSED – Craft Business Summit Affiliate

Watch for next summit affiliate program. I’m so grateful for your interest in supporting the 2022 Virtual Craft Business Summit on July 24-25, 2022

  • June 1-July 15: Early Bird Ticket Sales rate: $37
  • Ticket Sales June 1 through July 20
  • 31 Day Cookie is set.
  • Attendees can purchase a ticket for early bird $37 or $49 reg price.
  • $10 commission for each ticket sale. Payments will be mailed to your name, via check, 45 days after the Summit. Please make sure your snail mail address is correct.

All attendees with a ticket to the event will qualify for a chance to win this year’s sweepstakes of a DreamBox from Create. Details are in the private Facebook. After ticket purchase, you will be directed to a page that grants them entrance and an email will be sent as well.