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Crafting Tutorials and FREE SVG cutting files

It's just me here ...

I decided to start this blog to share my love of crafting. It's just me here [that's why I went with the ".me" website extension]. So, as you read my blog, you can picture me crammed into a spare bedroom turned home office for my graphic design studio (for my 20th year).

This office is packed with all my craft supplies, computer, printer, some painting items, vinyl, a Cricut® and so much, much more.

About me

Creating things does make me happy.

I live in a friendly town with my 2 teens and our hilarious cat.

A few years ago, I found myself thrown into single motherhood. After unpacking in my new home, I quickly realized that having kids with an ex-husband means you now have free time. Once you wrap your head around that, it's time to find a hobby.

I started with a pet. Our first cat, he's so funny, it was a great addition. I started doing some volunteering for community things. I also looked into running {I quickly learned that wasn't as much fun as the Nike ads make it look. Yoga appears to be more my thing}. Shortly after my divorce, I was told Wine Drinking qualifies as a hobby {Probably, not a good idea people}.

So the search continued on how to fill my time...

I dove into making things for my new home. DIY Decor projects, refinishing things on a budget was a good idea, chalking painting became a hobby, thrift storing with my sister in law and chalk painting was great, and baking is always fun too. I referred to all of this as, CREATIVE THERAPY.

However, you can only PIN so many things before you just need to do it, right? So, with my love for all things creative {after designing mostly printed advertising items by day for other people} I decided this would be a good new hobby: My own blog was born October 2016.

I am glad you found my site and I welcome you to follow me on my creative journey of...

Pinned it.     Baked it.     Created it.

Crafting Tutorials and FREE SVG cutting files

Chelly Masse

Mom  | Crafting-DIY Blogger  |  Graphic Designer

Those are my titles... Not always in that order, but that's what fills my days and makes my heart happy.

Tux helping me cut Vvinyl

Tuxedo "Tux"


Yea. I posted a mug shot of my cat as an employee. Cat lovers will understand. I sell a few Vinyl sayings at a local design shop. I was finishing them up here and he loves to lay on the cutter.

It's Crafting Time...

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