Crafting Tutorials and FREE SVG cutting files

Inspiring you to Create

In October 2016, I decided to start this blog to share my love of crafting. It was just me on here [that's why I went with the ".me" website extension]. As you read the earlier blog posts you could probably picture me crammed into a spare bedroom turned home office for my graphic design studio (which was born in 1997 and still going today. I call that my "day job" LOL!).

After a year and finding the direction that We Can Make That! was meant to go, I feel I am finally getting my life together! It's feeling like the fairytale life I wanted all those years is becoming my reality.

Don't get me wrong, my life is NOT perfect.

Not even close......


Steve & Chelly with Rings

Here we are on our wedding day ....


But what makes me happy, what I love to do, and I have some amazing people around me to share this all with, is now my reality that feels like the fairytale I always wanted. 

Believe in the fairytale if you have the strength and support to make it happen.

What We Can Make That! Can do for you:

If you're on here and still reading this page, I would bet creating things make you happy too. (We could be BFFs I bet.)

Here's little about me... I'm a newlywed living in North Dakota with our 5 teenagers and one hilarious cat. Our cat usually makes an appearance on my Facebook Lives, he's often trouble or acts like a shadow in the background.

My main focus here is SVG files and scrapbooking Simply Cute / Simply Cut layouts. (Love them! Go try a page now! You'll have a layout done in no time at all!)

Many of the projects on here fall into these categories:

  • SVG Files
  • Cricut Crafts
  • Decor DIYs
  • Scrapbooking

I referred to all of this as, CREATIVE THERAPY.

I think you'll be glad you found my site. My mission here is...

We Can Make That!

Crafting Tutorials and FREE SVG cutting files

Chelly Ontis

Mom  |  Wife |  Craft-A-Holic  |  Graphic Designer

Those are my titles... Not always in that order, but that's what fills my days and makes my heart happy.

Tux helping me cut Vvinyl

Tuxedo "Tux"


Yea. I posted a mug shot of my cat as an employee. Cat lovers will understand. I sell a few Vinyl sayings at a local design shop. I was finishing them up here and he loves to lay on the cutter.

It's Crafting Time...

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