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What to expect from my blog

For the LOVE of Pinterest this all began. I feel we are all short on time and want to get to the “fun” part = Creating stuff. That’s why my posts are all short DIYs with easy to follow steps. I included links to products I talk about to make it easier for you (yes, some are affiliate links but not all), when you add that up you find a fun blog with great ideas that are easy to play along. Sign up today for notices on new ideas!

Sign up today for notices on new ideas!

Hello. My pretty blue door with a more whimsical welcome feel.

Do you have a Cricut? This Blog is for YOU!

I post new projects on a regular basis that are usually created with my Cricut in some shape or form. This creative therapy is mixed in with photography, recipes, lots of paper crafts and more. Add in my love of DIY crafts and that’s why this is my happy place. What my friends and I call, creative therapy!

And I can’t wait to share it all with you. Don’t forget to check out my Shop for FREE SVGs or simple ideas for great easy projects you can create.

Let’s get crafting!

We Can make that